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Motorola BPR40 Portable Radio

Motorola Mag One BPR40

Small Size and Light Weight Make it Ideal for any Business

The Motorola BPR40 portable two-way radio delivers reliable, intuitive communication through 8 or 16 channels and 2 programmable buttons. The high-/low-power option saves battery charge. Features such as nuisance channel delete and repeater talkaround make the radio a versatile, high-performance device. The BPR40 is part of the Mag One by Motorola radio portfolio. This affordable solution gives remarkable quality and value that is perfect for your business, and comes with a complete assortment of accessories to customize your radio.

Motorola BPR40 Features

  • 8 or 16 Channels
  • 12.5 /25 kHz Channel Spacing
  • 2 Programmable Buttons
  • Adjustable Power Levels (ships with 1W)
  • Priority Scan
  • Small Size and Light Weight

Programmable Features

  • Nuisance Channel Delete
  • PL/DPL Enable
  • High/Low Power
  • Volume Set
  • Scan
  • Talkaround

Motorola BPR40 Applications

The Motorola BPR40 portable two-way radio is ideal for: Education, Hospitality, Light Construction, Restaurants, and Retail.

Motorola BPR40 Models

The Motorola BPR40 is available in the following VHF and UHF models.


  • AAH84KDS8AA1_N
    BPR40 8 Channels, 5W (Ships 1W) 150-174 MHz VHF
  • AAH84KDJ8AA1_N
    BPR40 16 Channels, 5W (Ships 1W) 150-174 MHz VHF


  • AAH84RCS8AA1_N
    BPR40 8 Channels, 4W (Ships 1W) 450-470 MHz UHF
  • AAH84RCJ8AA1_N
    BPR40 16 Channels, 4W (Ships 1W) 450-470 MHz UHF

All Motorola BPR40 models include:

  • 8 Channel Model Mag One Battery NiMH, 1200 mAh
  • 16 Channel Model Mag One Battery Li-ion, 1500 mAh
  • Mag One Tri - Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit
  • Mag One Antenna (VHF or UHF)
  • Mag One Spring Belt Clip
  • Operating Instruction Manual
  • Warranty:
    • Portable: One Year
    • Mag One Accessories (except batteries): Six Months
    • All Other Accessories (includes Mag One Battery and Motorola accessories): One Year

Motorola BPR40 Accessories

Motorola original audio accessories enhance your communication system. Remote speaker microphones offer the convenience of communication without having to remove the radio from your belt. Lightweight headsets provide hands-free communication so you can work and communicate simultaneously. Comfortable earpieces mute the radio speaker while channeling the audio directly to your ear, so you can monitor transmissions clearly and privately.

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