Construction crews ready to develop Ellington Airport

Developers are ready to build air cargo facilities at Ellington Airport in Houston.

Local developers are ready to begin construction on a private airport in Houston at any moment.

Virtual Builder's Exchange said on its blog development and investment company J.A. Billipp has partnered with Webber Properties to build air cargo facilities at Ellington Airport in Southeast Houston. According to VBE, the two companies have identified 36.8 acres of land on the airfield's private property that could hold cargos and additional facilities.

Because Ellington is a private airport, the aircraft industry publication Air Cargo World said crews will not construct the new facilities all at once. Instead, each building will go up on a build-to-suit basis in line with the needs of individual organizations that have either leased or purchased cargo spaces.

According to Air Cargo World, Ellington Airport originally existed for military purposes and saw no commercial traffic. The airport still hosts some military activity. However, VBE said aviation businesses are attracted to the idea of building cargo at Ellington as an alternative to the overcrowded Bush Intercontinental Airport. Growing business activity in the Houston area could also benefit from increased aircraft space.

"It will infuse an economic boom for this portion of area right around, and obviously if we have air cargo companies that are bringing product in, that would translate to that product being shipped out, benefiting trucking companies," Mark Witte, vice president for design at J.A. Billipp, told Air Cargo World.

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