DAS to consolidate services in Cedar Hill, Texas

Dallas Aeronautical Services moving to Cedar Hill, Texas

Earlier this week, the Dallas Aeronautical Services, a Federal Aviation Administration Part 145 Repair Station announced it would soon break ground on a new facility in Cedar Hill, Texas.

According to Aviation Pros, the 50,400 square foot complex will allow DAS to consolidate their services, which are currently offered in five separate buildings totaling just 21,500 square feet. The facility will include "two autoclaves, two custom paint centers, an environmentally controlled clean room, spacious walk-in oven and a transmissivity test range."

Additionally, General Aviation News reported, the new building will house a structures shop, a radome shop, a full machine shop, as well as an advanced composite and thrust reverser overhaul shop.

The facility is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014.

With construction set to end in about five months, communication - like that provided by two-way mobile radios - will be key in ensuring continued worker safety and work site efficiency. The Motorola XPR 4350 offers users access to text messaging and an integrated GPS system. Similarly, the Motorolar XPR 4550 features a variety of options, including emergency signaling and transmit interrupt capacity.

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