MetroRail expansion projects benefit university students

Rail construction projects in downtown Houston will increase public transportation access in the city.

Students at various colleges and universities in downtown Houston will soon have increased public transportation access after crews finish various construction project's on the city's MetroRail system.

According to The Daily Cougar, the student-run newspaper of the University of Houston, construction is moving forward on MetroRail's University Line, which will easily connect students to other parts of the city once completed. Extensions on other lines will also increase public transportation access beyond the downtown area.

In addition to the University Line, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County said various other rail construction projects are underway throughout the city. Crews expect to complete an extension of the North Line between the University of Houston's downtown campus to the Northline Commons Mall just outside the city. Construction is also in the works for a 6.6-mile Southeast Line extension from downtown Houston to to Martin Luther King Boulevard and Griggs Road. The MTA said the Southeast Line extension won't be finished until late 2014. According to The Daily Cougar, the construction costs for the Southeast Line extension will total $823 million.

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